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The Bug Above My Bed          


That's all        

Make me safe, let me rest here in your arms, when the world with all its pain, makes me fall apart again. Don’t let go, just make sure that we’re all right, close the doors put out the lights, let’s just make it through the night ,

I wanna stay by your side, and be the one that you hide, when all the demons inside, come to call, that’s all. (Chorus)

Why this time, did I choose to make this call, when you’ve tried to end it all because I’ve acted like a fool,
I can’t say that I’ll try and change my ways, It gets harder every day, but I’ve called, so let me say,


In my dreams, in my nightmares and my screames when I fall you hold me tight, you don’t let the madness bite
You’re the soul, Juliet I’m Romeo, turn the page, but don´t let go
We can`t let them steal our show,
(Chorus) , that’s all

Music & lyrics by Leslee Allan. All rights reserved © 2012