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The search, from a young age, for the perfect pop song, has been something that has driven me to many places and to others songs. The perfect song, for me, is like a good book.

I remember, as a very young child, watching my mother put an LP on the record player, the cover was four men in capes forming the letters help. My mother seemed mesmerised by the the sound she was hearing, and it occured to me what a powerfull thing music was.

In 1st school, I recall my music teacher playing Beethovens 5th, and i rushed


home to force my father to buy this record for me.

Loud frantic and silences, a mix of the two, lowering and raising the temperature of the song, and climatic "crescendo" that leaves you seeking more of the same.

"keep going, keep trying, keep following your dreams and don't give up, you will succeed".

I am lucky, in as much as i have open ears to varied music styles, and depending on my mood I will listen to and appreciate pretty much anything.

Music & lyrics by Leslee Allan. All rights reserved © 2012